SS Chatham

"The Roaring 20's ~ Transportation Beaches Style" Historic Black & white photo’s painted in living color.
“Each painting in this series has the color RED, as RED is the color of Love; it is through love that we experience the best in life.
And those are the moments we cherish forever.”

The SS Chatham was built in 1884. It was a stunning RED and black American passenger/cargo steamer weighing 2,729 tons and was 285 ft long. It was sold to the government in 1898 and converted to the US Navy's first Repair Ship under the name of the "USS Vulcan". The ship served in Cuban waters during the Spanish-American War repairing 63 ships. It was decommissioned in 1899 and sold back to its original owners and converted back to the SS Chatham. On the morning of January 4th, 1910 when on route from Baltimore, Maryland to Jacksonville, Fl, she struck the north jetty at the entrance of the St Johns River. The collision resulted in the steamer sinking within a few minutes. Amazing that a camera was able to record this actual event; that is why I wanted to paint it